2023: Tinubu's campaign backed by 2,000 business people in the southeast with N1 billion.

Hope Uzodimma, the governor of Imo state, has disclosed that 2,000 businessmen from the Southeast have contributed N1 billion to support the presidential bid of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC). 

This information was provided by Uzodimma on Thursday during the town hall meeting that was held between Tinubu and the business leaders in the area.

This was stated in a statement that was released on Thursday by Mr. Bayo Onanuga, who is the Director of Media and Publicity for the APC Presidential Campaign Council. He said that members of the group were drawn from each of the five states that make up the region.

Uzodinma made the following statement: "I am delighted to say that our people are totally supporting our Presidential candidate who has come to present his vision and strategy for Nigeria and the South East today.

"The sum of one billion naira has been raised to support this objective by 2,000 business owners across the South East states," the sentence reads.

Emeka Mgbudem, the spokesman for the group, stated that the members donated N500,000 each because they had faith in Tinubu after reading his Action Plan for Nigeria.

He made the observation that an Ibo man's heart is located in the same place as his money.

Mgbudem, on the other hand, strongly suggested to Tinubu that the numerous checkpoints that exist on the roads in the region be eliminated, and that Tinubu should also construct roads that connect the state capitals in the region.

In response, Tinubu made a commitment to implementing new technology for the clearance of products at the ports, which will result in the elimination of the need for checkpoints along the roadways.

Additionally, he pledged to lead an administration that will ensure fair treatment for all Nigerians.

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