Mass marriage: Niger speaker criticizes women's affairs minister in a video, claiming the minister had gone beyond her jurisdiction.


The wedding for 100 orphan girls that was supposed to take place in his constituency has been called off, and Abdulamlik Sarkindaji, the speaker of the Niger State House of Assembly, announced that he will no longer be attending. 

This comes after Uju Ohannaya, the Minister of Women Affairs, announced on Monday, May 13, that she has petitioned the Inspector-General of Police regarding Sarkin-Daji's plan and that a comprehensive investigation has been started into the circumstances surrounding the matter.

 She also revealed that she has approached a court of law to prevent Sarkin-Daji from marrying off 100 girls to potential suitors.

The speaker disclosed this information on Tuesday, May 14, during a news briefing. He said that the minister had exceeded her authority and criticized her handling of the matter. 

He went on to declare that the minister had no idea about the needs of his constituents and that she had no right to criticize his choice to assist his people. "

I am a typical Hausa man," he declared in a video. What I did was not in order, and why is this problem being over-flogged? I've promised to care for orphans, and I am doing just that. The federal government is welcome to offer assistance if it so chooses through the Ministry of Women Affairs.

When the security of my people was at stake, where was the minister? Let her investigate the identity of those girls by going to the local government. They are not too young. 

She's welcome to assist them if she so chooses. I need her to stop ruining my reputation. As the speaker of the Niger State House of Assembly, I am a well-known individual. 

The minister made a poor approach. She ought to have been in touch with me and had a conversation with me; I would have welcomed any recommendations she had because I appreciate any support that would be shown to my community. Her behavior has disappointed and depressed me.

When the religious and traditional authorities came up to me, I made the decision to stand behind the girls. We narrowed the list down to 100 names after they first sent me 210 girls' names. I informed them there was no way to do so. 

Does the Minister intend to refute these leaders? "They said I would bless the marriage, and I told them that since I can't be at every wedding, they should do it in a day, and I would grace the occasion, which is why the event is happening.

Although I would have liked to attend the event, I won't do so going forward because it is now illegal to assist my people. 

However, I have already offered the parents and leaders my support, and I won't take it back or withhold it from them. He said that they could use the money and the items for something else if they didn't want to be married.

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