Singer Adele "finally says" that she and her partner Rich Paul are married.

After Adele referred to the sports agent as her "husband," there were rumors that the couple had gotten married the previous continue Reading..

According to reports, she officially announced her union to Deuxmoi at her best friend Alan Carr's comedy event in Los Angeles, where two members of the crowd reportedly corroborated the news.

'I was at Alan Carr's comedy act in LA tonight, and Adele was in the audience,' an observer said. When Alan asked the audience if anyone had recently been married, Adele yelled, "I did."

Regarding the "small and intimate show," a another audience member said, "She yelled "I did" when he asked if anyone had recently gotten married." It was really nice and adorable all around, but it dipped just before it ended.

"Adele was sitting right behind me with a friend and they were having the best time," they continued. Her guards entered solely to deliver some food to her.

Since they are best friends, she didn't care whether others knew she was there and was making fun of him.

In response to reports of a potential marriage, Rich, 41, addressed them last month, sharing how he and Adele, 35, had "helped each other" over their two years of dating. 

Rich spoke highly of his partner during his appearance on CBS Mornings, saying, "I think she would agree that we definitely helped each other." She has been fantastic.

We're in a terrific place, and I am too. Joyful. She's amazing. She has really helped me. We've been quite helpful to one another.

The anchor of CBS, Gayle King, then questioned Rich about the rumors that he and Adele were married.

Should she address Adele as "Mrs. Paul" the next time she speaks with her, the journalist inquired?

Playing coy, Richard first stated, "You can say whatever you want," but then clarified that he wasn't the kind of person to discuss [his] personal life publicly. Not for the media, please. 

During her September show in Las Vegas, Adele referred to Rich as her husband, igniting rumors that the two were married.

A TikTok video shows a woman in the audience screaming, "Will you marry me?" to the singer of Rumor Has It during the performance. 

You are unable to wed me. Adele answered, "I'm straight, my love, and my husband's here tonight."

'Can you try?' the fan asked. 'No, I don't want to try,' Adele clapped back. With Rich, I am. You're insane, get over here.

When the couple was seated courtside together at an NBA game in July 2021, they made their relationship public for the first time.


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