Philemon Mulala, a former football player from Zambia, killed in South Africa by his three dogs.

 Philemon Mulala, a former great player for Zambia's national football team, was killed when the three dogs he had in South Africa attacked him.

On Saturday, January 7, 2023, an assault took place at the residence of Mulala, who was 60 years old and lived in Lichtenburg, North West.

In a statement released on Monday, January 9, the spokesperson for the Provincial Police, Captain Sam Tselanyane, acknowledged that the event had taken place.

"It is stated that on the day in question, the deceased's wife was busy on the other side of their house when she heard the dogs barking. This occurred while the power was off.

Due to the fact that their home is located on a busy street and their dogs are prone to barking at passing pedestrians and automobiles, she didn't bother to go and check on what was wrong because she knew she would be interrupted by the noise

In addition, after the power was turned back on, she allegedly went back inside the house to hunt for her husband, but she was unsuccessful in her search "he had stated.

"As the woman continued her search, she noticed that her husband was lying motionless outdoors in the garden. She hurriedly walked outside, where she discovered that her husband had been bitten by their dogs, which consisted of two staffie/pitbull crossovers and one dog of an unknown breed,"

"The man was pronounced dead at the site after emergency services such as the police and emergency medical rescue services (EMRS) were contacted. Additionally, the SPCA was contacted, and all three of the dogs were removed from the house "he added

As a direct consequence of this, a docket for an inquest has been established, and the investigation into the situation will proceed.

In addition, he was a member of the Cape Town Spurs and the Lenasia Dynamos.

According to the organization, Mulala was an important member of the Zambian team that won the East and Central Africa Challenge cup in 1984 under the direction of coach Col Brightwell Banda.

Adrian Kashala, general secretary of the Football Association of Zimbabwe, stated that the football community has lost a brave soldier.

"We will always carry with us the priceless memories that the late Philemon bestowed upon us out on the field. There is a great deal that players of today may gain from the experiences of those who have passed away "Kashala stated.

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