63-year-old Abuja panel beater kills and bury colleague in a shallow grave.

A 63-year-old Abuja panel beater named Taiwo Ojo was taken into custody by officers with the Federal Capital Territory Police Command. Ojo is suspected of killing, burning, and burying the body of a coworker named Philip Kura.

In addition to this, it was speculated that Ojo disposed of the body by placing it in a shallow grave in the Bwari neighbourhood of the Federal Capital Territory.

An argument on the subject of money is said to have been the catalyst for the homicide that took place on December 23 at the location where the victim was located.

According to additional information provided by the source, "Ojo and Kura had an argument at his workshop on December 23." Ojo struck the victim with a shovel, causing him to lose his balance and ultimately pass away.

According to him, he (Taiwo Ojo) dragged the victim's body into a shed nearby that contained banana plants, where he later set fire to the remains of the deceased and buried them in a shallow grave.

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