Woman whose home was damaged in a catastrophic car crash is suing the estate of Anne Heche


The woman who was living in the home that was damaged by Anne Heche's car during the accident that resulted in the actor's death earlier this year has filed a lawsuit against Anne Heche's estate.

On August 5, Heche, who is 53 years old, was driving when her vehicle collided with a residence in Los Angeles that has two stories and started a fire inside the home. It took nearly an hour and 59 firefighters to put out the fire, and Heche was left in a critical condition after the battle. She was taken off of life support on August 14, and she passed on that day

Now, the woman who was living inside the home, Lynne Mishele, is suing Heche's estate for negligence, infliction of emotional distress, and trespassing, according to Entertainment Tonight, which obtained a copy of the lawsuit. Mishele is accusing Heche's estate of causing her to suffer emotional distress, committing trespassing, and causing her to suffer emotional distress. She is seeking compensation for losses in the amount of $2 million.

Mishele rushed to Instagram after the accident to offer information about what she described as "the most insane, horrible period." She added that she was still recovering and "trying to understand up from down."

According to the complaint that was submitted by Mishele's attorney, the collision felt like "a record-breaking earthquake had occurred, and [Mishele] was there in the middle and on the fault line."

According to the court filings, Mishele was "totally traumatized," "unusually shocked by hearing loud noises," "tormented by dreams and flashbacks of the occurrence," "terrified of venturing outside," and "without a place to live."

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, the plaintiff had not only her personal property but also her possessions, business paperwork and equipment, a laptop and an iPad, along with other personal items.

Actress Anne Heche, who had previously won a Daytime Emmy for her work, sustained what her family and friends described as a "serious anoxic brain injury" as a result of the car accident, according to a statement released after the incident. It was determined by a coroner that she passed away due to an inhalation injury and burns, and that her death was an accident. According to the report of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, she also suffered a cracked sternum that was caused by "blunt trauma.

Both of Heche's boys, Homer, 20, and Atlas, 13, who she had with James Tupper, are the beneficiaries of her fortune. Homer was born to Coley Laffoon, while Atlas was born to James Tupper.

In October, Homer reportedly submitted paperwork to the court requesting permission to "extend his jurisdiction" over the estate. A few days later, Tupper made the allegations that Homer had mistreated Atlas, his half-brother, in court records that were obtained by ET.                          

Since their mother passed away, Tupper claims that Homer "has acted in a hostile manner" against Atlas and has "refused to interact with him or his representatives at all." Homer is also accused of "refusing to communicate with him or his representatives at all." He stated that Atlas does not have faith in Homer's ability to "perform his fiduciary commitments."

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