A worker at LAX who had been overwhelmed by carbon dioxide fumes has passed away.

According to information provided by the worker's family, one of the four employees who were overwhelmed by carbon dioxide fumes at Los Angeles International Airport has passed away.

On October 31, an unanticipated discharge of carbon dioxide occurred from a fire suppression system located within a utility room at the airport. This release resulted in Cris Abraham, age 36, being sent to the hospital.

Following the occurrence, Abraham was given medication to create a coma, and he stayed in this state until the day he passed away, which occurred on November 11.

The family posted a message on their GoFundMe website stating that "unfortunately, owing to his injuries, Cris died away early Friday morning, 11-11-22." "His passing has left a void in the hearts of his entire family. During this time of adjustment for the family to life without Cris, your continuing support is very much appreciated. Please remember to think about and pray for Tiffany and the kids as you go about your day."

On October 31 at approximately 7:00 a.m., an incident took place in the vicinity of Terminal 8 of the airport, which resulted in the evacuation of more than one hundred passengers.

After being overpowered by the fumes, Abraham was found by crews from the Los Angeles Fire Department to be unresponsive at the scene.

After discovering that the injured worker was unresponsive and determining that there were no other people in danger, a firefighter and a firefighter/paramedic carried the man across the room and up a short flight of stairs to the safer oxygen rich environment of the hallway, where they quickly confirmed that he was pulse-less and non-breathing, according to the report from the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD).

Abraham received CPR and spontaneous breathing was restored as he was being transported to the hospital by emergency personnel. These two vital signs had been absent for some time.

After receiving a medical assessment from the paramedics, the three other workers decided against receiving any further treatment or being transported by ambulance.

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