UFC: Israel Adesanya explains why he lost the UFC championship to Alex Pereira, "I was compromised."

After Alex Pereira defeated him on Sunday morning, Israel Adesanya has given it some thought.

In Madison Square Garden, the boxer with Nigerian ancestry was shockingly defeated by Pereira via technical knockout in the fifth round

In the past ten months, I've fought three times.

As for the belt and other things, Adesanya stated, "Every time I fight, I run the chance of losing what you guys consider to be the prestigious.

In the fifth round, he also emphasized when things began to go awry.

His leg was rendered paralyzed by a kick to the calf.

My footing was impaired because he impacted on my peroneal nerve.

"Even when I fell and stumbled backward, I had to do the roly poly. I was thinking, "Oh sh—, I just tripped over, it's not like me," and that was the reason.

Because it cost me money, Adesanya continued, "kudos to him for investing in those calf kicks."

A further assurance that he would accept a rematch with Pereira was that "I'll be back, it's not done yet."

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