2023: If elected, I will introduce a legislation to reform education and end the ASUU strike-Anslem Eragbe,Edo senatorial candidate

 If elected in 2023, Mr. Anslem Eragbe, who is running as the candidate for the Labour Party in the Edo North Senatorial District, has pledged to reform the educational system in Nigeria and to do away with industrial action through the use of law.

At a meeting for candidates for the Edo North Senatorial District that was held in Abuja, Eragbe stated that he is a product of the free and high-quality education that was provided by the government back then, and he vowed to bring it back.

"I benefited from the free obligatory education and the quality education that was provided, and I am in a better position in life today as a direct result of the education that I received in this nation."

"The objective of my education strategy is to gradually restore Nigeria to its former glory during the first four years.

"We will need legislative approval, and by the grace of God, when I become a senator, this will become my legislative duty. I will engage legislators to ensure that we make legislative laws to achieve all of these goals," he said. "We will also need to make sure that we make legislative laws to protect the environment."

According to Eragbe, this can be accomplished through collaborative efforts between the government and the business sector.

"We will be coming from the private sector with 150 billion euros to enable the Federal Government of Nigeria to interfere in the oil, mining, housing, and agricultural sectors," the author writes. "We will be arriving from the private sector."

"We will intervene on all levels, including the oil sector, agriculture, education, and healthcare, amongst others," is how we plan to rephrase our plans.

Eragbe continued by saying that there would be a policy that would require parliamentary approval in order to clear the backlog of payments owed to retirees and rejigger the economy in order to create jobs, among other things.

He went on to say that in order to make the most of the natural riches the country possesses, there would be a significant increase in the capacity of the Nigerian people.

He stated that he had listed approximately 18 different things for which he would work with parliamentary duty bills to give enabling laws.

He stated that both the Labour Party and individuals inside the party were "dedicated to improving the capacity of Nigerians to progress to the next level, particularly in leadership." [Citation needed]

The keynote speaker, Professor Fetus Uwakhemen, Director-General of Comrade Eragbe Anslem (CEA) 2023, stated that young people have the potential to lead more effectively if they are given the chance, and that Anslem is capable of achieving this goal.

Uwakhemen, whose keynote address was titled "Repositioning the Socio-political and Economic Landscape of Edo North Senatorial District from 2023-2027," called on the constituents of the Edo North Senatorial District to rally around the candidate of the Labour Party to clinch the ticket for better representation and leadership. The topic of Uwakhemen's keynote address was "Repositioning the Socio-political and Economic Landscape of Edo North Senatorial District from 2023-20

"Only members of our generation are capable of accurately representing us because they are fluent in our language. The world has entered the digital age, and in order to remain competitive, we need to align ourselves with leaders who are easily accessible and compliant with information technology.

"Because they are incapable of even typing a letter or doing any research, many senators today have so many personal assistants (PAs) because they rely on their PAs to do the majority of these things for them. Since we are now living in the digital age, I have seen many senators today who have so many PAs.

Because the world is no longer in analogue, many things that should be done on the national level are not, and this is the reason why.

To move on to the next stage of development from where we are right now, we need guys with skills such as these.

According to Uwakhemen, the campaign is not about the politics of any particular party; rather, it is about the young people of Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole.

He claimed that a significant number of young people are leaving the country in quest of better opportunities because the current system is unable to meet their needs.

He went on to say that the level of unemployment in Nigeria is so severe that young people who have just graduated from universities are unable to find work.

He stated that the country is losing its young people, its intellectuals, its doctors, and its ICT consultants, among other professionals, because they are leaving the country in search of work in other countries.

"It is imperative that we remain here to reclaim our nation from the elder leaders who have mismanaged it.

"If the mandatory retirement age for civil officials is set at 60, then the age for professors and judges should be set at 70. I believe that those ages were determined based on a certain method of operation that has to do with physical stamina and the cerebral ability to grasp and perform things that have to be done. This modus operandi was used to determine the ages.

Therefore, it follows that older politicians should graciously allow their children and the younger ones to take over leadership positions and be responsible for their future while they play advisory roles from behind the scenes and not the other way around. "It goes to say that the older politicians should graciously allow their children and the younger ones to take over leadership positions and be responsible for their future."

He pleaded on all of the residents of the Edo North Senatorial District to collaborate with Anslem in order to secure victory in the elections. This would allow him to work for the betterment of young people as well as to improve the economy and the region as a whole.

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