Video: Ruger gives aid supplies to South Sudanese orphans.


Orphans in Juba, South Sudan, have benefited from monetary donations and relief supplies that were sent by Ruger.

The artist currently signed to Jonzing Records paid a visit to the Nigerian embassy in Juba, where he met with the Honorable Amb. Ibim, Nigeria's Ambassador to South Sudan.

A video that was just uploaded on the internet shows a group of children having a great time while the DJ plays one of his most successful songs, "Girlfriend."

Michael Adebayo Olayinka, better known by his stage name Ruger, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who recently made a charitable contribution to orphans in the city of Juba in South Sudan.

During his most recent trip, it was reported that the musician gave the Juba Orphanage center $1,000 (about 740,000 Nigerian naira) as well as several food supplies.

Ruger traveled in South Sudan a few days ago for a concert that was organized by Next Level Entertainment, and he made the decision to use a portion of the revenues from the show to provide assistance for children who have lost both of their parents.

After conducting a press conference in the Pyramid Continental hotel, the Jonzing Records signee paid a visit to the Nigerian embassy in Juba, where he met the Hon. Amb. Ibim, Nigeria's ambassador to South Sudan.

Ambassador Ibim accompanied the artist on their trip to the Juba orphanage Center, where the musician made a donation of a truckload full of things.

On October 13, Ruger uploaded many photographs to his Twitter profile and captioned each one with the phrase "GOD BLESS SOUTH SUDAN."

A video of the kids having a great time while dancing to his hit song "Girlfriend," which was being played by the DJ, has surfaced on the internet.

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