Mother of two sues her children's father for raping her 10 years ago

In Yola, Adamawa State's Upper Area Court 4, a woman of two has brought her future husband on charges of rape, assault, and intimidation.

The woman, who has two children and has lived with her fiance for years, accused him of raping her ten years ago.

The complainant, who lives with her boyfriend along Army Barracks road in Jimeta, Yola, said he sexually assaulted her more than ten years ago when she brought food for him as he had before ordered her to do in a lawsuit stamped UAC4/CA/322/2022/ and filed on Friday, October 28.

"After we fell in love, he called me on the phone and begged me to cook food and deliver it to him since he was fighting sickness," she claimed in the lawsuit. He took advantage of it and raped me.

She alleges that he had intercourse with her without her permission after she delivered him the food.

After that experience, she became pregnant, but when she told him she was, he denied it and said he had nothing to do with it.

The dad eventually acknowledged that the child is his after she gave birth and begged her for forgiveness.

After that, they moved in together, and she later became pregnant again and gave birth to a second kid.

She then started urging him to meet her parents in order to formally establish their connection, but he refused.

She filed a three-count lawsuit against him because of his unwillingness to fully commit and because he allegedly refused to take care of her and their children.

She accused him of rape, assault, and intimidation. She also charged him with disregarding her and their two children's welfare.

She allegedly filed a lawsuit after finding out that he wants to divorce her and marry someone else.

The accusation has been refuted by the fiancé.

The case was postponed by Honorable Ibrahim Musa Ulenda until December 1, 2022.

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