In Ondo, the police are refusing to arrest criminal herdsmen-Governor Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has accused Nigerian police of being unwilling to apprehend renegade herdsmen who are causing havoc in various sections of the state.

The governor made the remarks on Monday in Abuja at the 27th Nigerian Economic Summit, which had the topic "Securing Our Future: The Fierce Urgency of Now."

Yes, you have criminal trespass," Akeredolu said. It should be dealt with by the government. Before Amotekun, all we had were police officers who were tasked with making arrests but were unwilling to do so. In Ondo State, things are changing and have changed dramatically.

If you trespass on someone else's property today, the Amotekun will come after you and arrest you. They compensate the farmers, and if they don't succeed, they go to court. It's the only way you can communicate with the public."

When you commit a crime and the law doesn't catch up with you," he said, another person will repeat it."

Nomadic pastoralism, according to Akeredolu, is a culture that must be avoided in the interests of individuals involved.

Those of us who enacted anti-open grazing legislation had our reasons, and we make no apologies," the governor said.

At the summit, Akeredolu, Governor Nasiru El-Rufai, and other panelists discussed how to handle the country's long-standing security issues.

He believes that a country with failed security and justice institutions is doomed to fail.

There is no terrorism in Ondo State." Conflicts between farmers and herders, as well as kidnappings for ransom, are an issue in our area. We have drug abuse and self-determination agitation. In Ondo State, we have long advocated for multi-level policing. He stated, "We believe in layers of protection.

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