Take Your Shots When A Lady Shows You These Signs

Since emotions are difficult to manage, her behavior around you may be some signs to you when a lady has a secondary interest in you; in any case, some of these are signs that a lady is interested in you 

1. A lady who is interested in you can bombard you with questions about your love life, or she can tease you with a woman who thinks she is your wife just to see if you are on a date or not.

 2. She can be attentive. Chat with you, talk to you on the phone for long periods of time, obey quickly and monitor you in a way that your typical friend does not. You are alone with her, suggest that she like you. Women have been known to blush when they hear or see something they like.

 3. If someone is attracted to you, they may stare at you for extended periods of time.If you've ever watched a woman stare at you repeatedly, she may be trying to manipulate your emotions through eye contact, or she may be trying to get your attention. If he's a man, you can expect him to judge you simply by what you do. However, since she is a girl, you could assume that she likes you.

 4. A woman who is relaxed with you can tell you when she can go out with you again.

 5. Anything you do will please a woman who fell in love with you. 

6. She gets mad at you for no apparent reason, most likely because you were with a lady.

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