Nigeria Decides: Man apparently stealing a ballot box shot and killed

According to reports, a young man named Ojochenemi Akayaba was fatally shot in Kogi State after reportedly stealing a vote box.

Elections for the National Assembly and presidential candidates in the Dekina Local Government District were called off peacefully.

Several alleged political thugs circulated the council's voting locations to obstruct voting.

The Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission, or INEC, materials were destroyed during their attacks on Dekina town, Anyigba, and Abocho towns.

Also stolen or destroyed were ballot boxes and documents in various Udaba-Dekina and Tudunwada areas.

According  sources, Akayaba was "shot dead" after stealing a vote box in the Anyigba neighbourhood of Agwudoko.

He was allegedly shot dead by security personnel.

On social media, a picture of the graduate is posted lying.

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