Breaking: Reno_Omokri Abandons Politics For The Gospel Of Lord.

Reno_omo has decided to toll in the way of lord as he admonishes his followers about the existence of God, even though they can not see him in the physical.
In his words,  he said;
Do not doubt God’s existence because you can’t see Him. You can’t see oxygen. Yet, you can’t live without it. You can’t see electric. But you read this tweet because of electric. You can’t see wind, but it can uproot a house. And the Internet is unseen, yet it has more information than any physical library. Invisible things are more real than visible things. Not only are they more real. They are also more powerful. God is realer than any thing you can see, and more Powerful than anything you can imagine. Believe in Him. Believe Him. 

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