Video: Davido Reacts To Portable Song, 'Dem Go Give You 5% You Go Wise'

A song focusing on the conflict between sketch creators Carter Efe and Berri Tiga is about to be released by controversial fast-rising artist Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable.

Online arguments between the two parties regarding ownership of the number-one hit song Machala have given rise to many accusations.

On the one hand, Berri insisted that he wrote and sang the entire song, while Carter proposed to split the profits 95/50%.

Efe, on the other hand, said that the artist lied and attempted to use his management to claim ownership of the record after realising its enormous success.

In response to the everyday controversy they have been involved in, Portable has made an Aza Man song clip available.

He sung about the need to be wise and made reference to the alleged 5 percent offer Carter Efe made to Berri Tiga.

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