Elon Musk uses the Pi Network concept in his latest invention.

Elon Musk uses the Pi Network concept in his latest invention.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, is said to have borrowed the Pi Network's concept for his suggested smartphone design, which is anticipated to be released before the end of this year.

For the Tesla Automobile Company, Elon Musk's personal designer Antonio De Rosa created the "Tesla Model Pi," or simply "Tesla Model," the world's first smartphone that can manage a moving vehicle and a satellite.

The first-of-its-kind smartphone is expected to be unveiled this September, according to rumours.

Why was Tesla's smartphone called "Pi"?
The richest man may have considered a number of variables that could have affected the company's first smartphone's name. Any of the following could apply:

1. Musk believed that the word "Pi" alone is prized by the public after carefully observing the Pi Network's rapid growth over a brief period of time (just two years), both on social media and among platform users. Oh, you believe he is too busy to read web articles concerning Pi Network's expansion? He and other businessmen use the internet more frequently than you may imagine.

2. After the release of his Tesla smartphone, Musk may have special plans for the Pi Network. Given that the phone was created specifically for cryptocurrency mining, we can never be sure.

Recently, Elon Musk has become very wealthy thanks to cryptocurrencies. He has made significant investments, primarily in DogeCoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. For its electric vehicles, his firm, Tesla, takes cryptocurrencies.

The Tesla Smartphone Pi is expected to have amazing features.
Given that the Model Pi is currently something of an urban legend, speculation about the features Tesla will include in its first smartphone has taken unusual turns.

solar power
The rumour that Tesla would incorporate solar panels into the device to enable recharging without the need for an electrical power source is likely the most plausible of all the rumours. This makes sense as it would be consistent with the environmentally conscious Tesla brand and utilise the solar technology that the business has already created.

Another issue totally is whether solar charging technology is capable of recharging a phone throughout the day, especially when the phone spends the most of the day in a pocket or bag.

There are also believable rumours that the Model Pi will work closely with Tesla vehicles, giving users more control over features and settings while on the go.

5G network
Moving on to the more fantastical, there are numerous rumours that the Model Pi will utilise SpaceX founder Elon Musk's Starlink service. In essence, this is satellite-based fast broadband that should offer coverage in a lot of places where 5G is hesitant to go. Tesla would have its work cut out for it if it wanted to make the Model Pi widely available because there are already satellite phones available, but they are frequently more expensive to use in comparison to typical LTE cellphones.

Compatibility with BMI
The Model Pi will work with Brain-Machine-Interface (BMI) chips, enabling users to think to control their devices. Though it sounds fascinating, using a mind-control phone might be the stuff of nightmares if getting Alexa to choose the proper song to listen to or Siri to call the right person are any indication.

Performing work on Mars
The last and most ridiculous of all the rumours we've heard is that the Model Pi will be able to operate on Mars thanks to Starlink technology. Yep. Mars. Since we could get a better signal in the neighbourhood coffee shop than on Olympus Mons, we would be more impressed if Tesla could make the necessary repairs. That would be a significant advancement.

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